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Kiss your way to sales success

Albert Einstein said; “If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.” Put another way, we need to “Keep it Simple Stupid” if we want to communicate effectively. This is where so many set out to fail. But help is at hand.

How complicated are your sales messages? You can easily find out by running your messaging through free tools like The Writers Diet (one client recently scored “Heart Attack” from “Zombie Words”). For a more extensive set of tests you can also evaluate reading ages – or rewrite your messaging for a 7 year old – by using the OpenAI playground Natural Language Processing tools.

If you want your words to spread, they need to be super-simple. If you’re finding that your sales efforts aren’t generating results, ask yourself if your messaging is simple enough.

It is typically far more effective to have a simple, short message that spreads than to have a complete, complex message that doesn’t. Anyone who hears the first can always ask for the full detail.