Networks shape our destiny. We can shape them.

We believe that sales growth and success comes fastest to those people and businesses that see beyond the traditional hub-and-spoke business-card-taking approach to networks. We help our corporate and individual customers to be proactive in tuning their networks and network behaviours to achieve the growth they seek.

Our services for the high growth company...


Network optimisation

Your sales growth depends on the network around you. We help you evaluate your current network identity and then determine a development plan to increase your network centrality.

We assess and make recommendations about your businesses brokerage and closure functions, ensuring you maximise both sales growth and conversion rates.


Message tuning

Many of your prospects and stakeholders will not be ready to receive the full “pitch”. Many businesses exhaust themselves trying to convey complex messages to exhausted audiences.

We help you tune your messaging to the different stakeholder groups in your network to maximise reputation development and referral while minimising the cost of customer acquisition.


Incentive structuring

Some sales cycles take a loooong time. Even the best network and the clearest messaging sometimes needs some help to stay relevent and front-of-mind through a lengthy sales process.

We advise on and deliver creative incentive programmes which ensure that you remain remembered, relevant, engaging and preferred, while lowering cost of customer acquisition.

For the enterprise...

Ecosystem development

Network optimisation can deliver benefits far beyond sales growth.. If you are seeking to increase engagement with new groups of stakeholders, our deliberate approach will help you ensure you form enduring high value relationships within and across sectors and geographies.

If you are seeking to establish a central leadership position in an emerging field or discipline, we help ensure you rise to the top and stay there.

And for the individual...

Personal coaching

We coach a select group of exceptional individuals who are seeking to increase their impact and influence. We work with sales leaders, communicators, founders, academics and emerging talent to achieve transformational results.

If you want to maximise your impact in your career, personal life and community, we can help you realise your full potential.