Ben Brabyn

Ben Brabyn is a former fintech entrepreneur, investment banker and ecosystem builder. Between 2001 and 2010, he founded, built and sold a B2B crowdfunding business, engaging over 200 enterprise and SME clients, and from 2016 to 2020 he led Level39, the largest and best connected fintech ecosystem in Europe. He founded Amitypath to share the insights he gained in working with over 200 founders of fast growth high tech companies.

Ben learned that certain network structures and behaviours are the best predictors of success, and the highest performing businesses demonstrate recurring patterns of behaviour that can be learned by others. The great news is that these behaviours dramatically increase the growth of businesses, and maximise the ROI of sales and marketing activities.

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Sohan Dsouza

Sohan Dsouza is a computational social scientist with extensive experience studying and engineering structures of incentive, communication, and connection, towards socially and economically beneficial ends.

He has engineered experiments for study of computer-mediated negotiation and strategic cooperation behaviour under different incentive and communication mechanisms. He has studied and/or participated in social mobilisation prize challenges like DARPA’s Red Balloon Challenge, the University of Pennsylvania’s MyHeartMap Challenge, and the US State Department’s Tag Challenge, the lattermost of which his Masdar Institute of Science and Technology team won. He has engineered widely spread social search/mobilisation prize campaigns – the Disobedience Award, and the Adventurous Science Fellows – for the MIT Media Lab. He was a core member of the MIT Media Lab team that designed and developed the Moral Machine experiment, a viral cultural phenomenon that crowdsourced one of the largest and most globally spread multilingual datasets on perceptions of AI and human ethical dilemmas.

Sohan’s research work has been published in numerous conferences and workshops, and in high-impact journals like NatureProceedings of the National Academy of SciencesIEEE Intelligent SystemsIEEE ComputerPLoS One, and Transport. Some of his work has been covered in media such as the New York Times, BBC, NPR, Guardian, New Scientist, Scientific American, and Associated Press. Additionally, he has several years of commercial experience across diverse domains and technologies, in leading industry organisations like Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), Zawya (now LSEG/Refinitiv) and Hewitt Associates (now Alight).

Sohan was awarded an MSc degree in computational social science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; an MSc in informatics from the British University in Dubai’s program with the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics; an MBA+PGDM in IT management from the SP Jain Institute of Management & Research’s School of Global Management; and a BSc in computer information systems from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Having trained as a “Digital Sherlock” by the Digital Forensics Research Lab, he applies open source intelligence techniques to identify and thwart malign activity on social media platforms.

Sohan Dsouza