Work love balance

Work love balance: welcome to the new relationship frontier


Over the past few weeks, I’ve had surprising conversations with several individuals who are wizards at building professional relationships, but have not yet achieved work love balance. They’ve shared a common struggle: finding the time and energy to cultivate personal relationships. This got me thinking – in our quest for professional success, are we neglecting the pursuit of personal happiness? And more importantly, should employers and professional contacts play a role in bridging this gap? So let’s explore this intriguing concept, especially relevant to senior HR professionals and CEOs in SME businesses.

The Paradox of the Relationship Builder

It’s an ironic twist: those who excel in forging business connections often find themselves at a loss in the romance department. Why? Time, or the lack of it, and the overwhelming focus on work. Now here lies an untapped opportunity for employers to step in. Could they be the missing link in helping employees find that elusive work love balance?

Workplace Cupids: A New HR Mandate?

Imagine a workplace where HR stands for more than Human Resources – perhaps, Heart Resources? It’s a radical thought: companies not only nurturing the professional growth of their employees but also caring about their emotional well-being. But many employers already help employees with divorce support, and some offer egg freezing. Should HR also fund matchmaking services?

Love in the Time of KPIs

We’re not suggesting turning the boardroom into a backdrop for romantic comedies. But why not create an environment where employees feel empowered and supported in their pursuit of personal happiness, just as they are in their professional goals? After all, a happy heart can do wonders for productivity, morale and retention.

Call to Action: Let’s Get Personal

I invite you to weigh in on this topic. How can employers and professional peers help in striking a balance between work commitments and personal relationships? Is it high time we started taking love as seriously as we take our LinkedIn connections?

This isn’t one of the services we offer at Amitypath – but it’s interesting to consider whether HR departments should proactively engage with matchmakers to boost performance, retention and wellbeing.

Share your views, experiences, and even your reservations. And together, let’s brainstorm how we can make our workplaces not just wealth-generating, but also well-being enhancing spaces with widespread work love balance.

Work love balance
Work love balance