Heart and brain image made from coloured wool

What why which

Are you constantly pitching, and frustrated that growth is slow or zero? 
What you do is complicated
Why you do it is simple, memorable and shareable
Which you tell people decides your success
Even the most motivated and expert audience will forget most details and look for simple patterns (witness the research of Professor Laura Huang on investor behaviour). But when you explain why you are doing what you do, everyone can find a part to play in helping you (provided they agree with your motivation).
Even – and especially – brief mentions that signal your values can help. This is how others build your reputation and referral network, driving qualified inbound interest.
Entrepreneurs are so busy focusing on the detail, they often need help to communicate a simple, memorable and shareable version of their story.
If you feel your pitching isn’t scratching where they’re itching, we’d love to talk.