The Great Experiment by Yascha Mounk

The Great Experiment – a new year read with lessons for us all

How should we balance the interests of incumbents with newcomers? Should the state interfere in the norms of subcultures to assert the rights of individuals? What kind of patriotism builds stronger societies?

Yascha Mounk’s “The Great Experiment” tackles all of these questions and more as he sets out to explain…

How to Make Diverse Democracies Work

Mounk is a leading thinker on the rise of populism and the future of liberal democracy. He shares insights on the relationship between bonding capital within groups and the bridging capital that makes inter-group collaboration possible and creates the foundations for trust that can hold diverse societies together.

These ideas apply to companies as well as societies, and I highly recommend reading this book to stimulate your ideas about how to balance the competing priorities of your company or organisation too. It will help you determine how to balance the interests of existing customers with new prospects, determine how to weigh the interests of different interest groups, and develop a simple unifying message that has mass appeal far beyond narrow competitive brand battle.