What would you like others to be tweeting about your business?

What is the Minimum Viable Message (MVM?) that you would like other people to be sharing about your business (by twitter, in a bar, over breakfast – wherever and whenever)?

If you feature in an unforgettable and brief message, your reputation will build well beyond your sales funnels, and your prospects will be surrounded by a community that already “gets” you. Cost of customer acquisition falls and retention increases.

Most companies are preoccupied with getting the whole message right for their internal and near-abroad stakeholders. That’s important of course, but if you can create or join a message that can take flight without a big communications budget, you will ensure that all your other activities enjoy a following wind from a wide network of external supporters.

So what is the best, short, simple thing anyone could say about you? The simpler, and the shorter, the further it will fly.