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Juergen Maier, co-founder of vocL
Professor Juergen Maier CBE, co-founder of vocL

vocL nurtures, connects and champions new voices of responsible business leadership

vocL empowers business leaders, especially future top leaders, to be morally brave, to become more effective, authentic communicators for their businesses, and to help create a better and more positive national debate.

vocL is a leading national professional development programme and network, exclusively for a new generation of value-driven, ambitious, business leaders.

Now vocL is offering opportunities for young leaders to join their Emerging Leader Programme which allows you to connect with other business leaders, join events, masterclasses and have full access to the vocL app.


  1. you have have a strong sense of social purpose, and believe that all business leaders, and all businesses, should seek to have a positive social impact
  2. you have an interest in policy making and are keen to learn and to grow
  3. you are a lively communicator with a curious, questioning, creative mind, and a sense of humour

Answer the following questions to apply:

vocL Emerging Leader Programme application

Entry Information

Entry Details

What aspects of environmental, social and governance (ESG) do you believe are most important, and why? (Maximum 200 words please)
(Maximum 200 words please)

The vocL Emerging Leader Programme is open to anyone 18 years old or more. By entering you agree that we can share your responses and first name in vocL public activities. vocL management will evaluate scholarship entries periodically and allocate Emerging Leader Programme places at their discretion. Additional awards may be made from time to time. *We may change these terms at our absolute discretion. This programme is administered by Amitypath Ltd and sponsored by vocL.

The vocL Emerging Leader Programme