I've got you a ticket for this £20,000 prize draw

Ben Brabyn
Thanks for your help - and good luck in the prize draw!
I’m Ben Brabyn
I’m trying a new way to ask for help – and I hope you’re feeling lucky!

I’ve contributed to a £20,000 prize draw fund, and I’m reaching out for your support on three  topics that really matter to me. Your insight and connections could help me and also give you the chance to win in our prize draw in early October 2024. Here’s how you can help:

  • Sponsorship Connections: I’m looking for introductions to companies interested in sponsoring prize programmes. If you know organisations that align with this vision, I would love to work with them (this is what I do with Amitypath).
  • Behavioural Science Experts: I seek connections with individuals possessing world-class expertise in the behavioural science of social networks. Your introduction could pave the way for groundbreaking collaborations.
  • Celiac Disease Advice: Sharing helpful advice or resources for people managing celiac disease can make a world of difference as I have a close family member who has the condition. If you have insights to share, I’d deeply appreciate it.

How to Participate: Use the form below to share your recommendations or introductions. Each contribution will enter you into our £20,000 prize draw, helping me while offering you the chance to win.

Fill this in to claim your prize draw ticket

How the prize draw works

Each contributor like me has contributed £2,000 to the prize fund, so there is a one in ten chance that one of my supporters will win it. Please do respond here if you can, and I will be adding people myself who I really want to have a chance. I can influence the odds, but I don’t control the outcome, so I really don’t know who will receive the prize. I’d love for everyone in my network to win, and it could be you!

In early October 2024, Amitypath will gather prize draw ticket details from the contributors, including responses to this form and any additional nominations from the contributors. Amitypath will then conduct a prize draw to select a winning ticket holder at random. The process will be independently audited. The winning ticket holder will be notified by the second week of October 2024 and the prize paid on confirmation.